Gemz Airdrop on Telegram: Claim Free Tokens and Boost Your Earnings

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Unlock the Potential of Gemz Airdrop on Telegram

Gemz Telegram Airdrop: How to Claim and Earn More Gemz Tokens


The Gemz Airdrop on Telegram is an exciting tap-to-earn game integrated into the Telegram app as a mini-app. Players can earn free Gemz tokens by engaging with the tapping game and boost their earnings by purchasing cards in the 'Mine' section, specifically in Hamster Kombat. This guide will walk you through every step to claim free Gemz tokens and maximize your earnings.

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Gemz Airdrop on Telegram: Your Guide to Claiming and Earning More Gemz Tokens

Gemz Telegram Airdrop: How to Claim and Earn More Gemz Tokens

Gemz Token Details

Here are the specifics of the Gemz tokenomics for the airdrop event:

  • Total Supply: N/A
  • Airdrop Allocation: N/A
  • Network: N/A
  • Ticker: Gemz
  • Contract: N/A

How to Get Gemz Tokens

You can claim Gemz tokens by following these steps:

  1. Visit the Gemz bot.
  2. Launch the Telegram app.
  3. Receive 2.5K tokens as a welcome gift.
  4. Tap, tap, tap 🚀.
  5. Unlock boosts and complete tasks to maximize your token earnings.
  6. Invite others, and both of you will receive bonuses.
  7. Join the Telegram channel for updates.

How to Earn More Gemz Tokens

To earn additional Gemz tokens, follow these instructions:

Gemz Telegram Airdrop: How to Claim and Earn More Gemz Tokens

2 Methods to Earn More Gemz Points - 

  1. Method 1st Earn 75K Points per hour Using this Link Below -

    1. Gemz SocialFI Mining Link- 
      This Mining link will make 75k points per hour for you for 6 days from the date: 4 July 2024
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  1. Method 2nd to Earn Extra Gemz Points

    1. Stay Connected with us

    2. Stay active on our website and Telegram channel to get latest updates on Gemz Events

    3. Share your Referral link with friends and join more members.

How to Get Gemz (5 Million) Daily Combo

Gemz Telegram Airdrop: How to Claim and Earn More Gemz Tokens

The Gemz game features a built-in section where users can purchase cards that generate hourly profits, allowing players to earn passive income in Gemz over time. To get the specific daily combo cards for Gemz, join this Telegram channel and receive daily updates on the combo cards.


That’s all for now: a detailed guide on how to claim Gemz tokens from your smartphone. If you have any questions on this topic, please leave your comments in the comment section, and I will be happy to assist you.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your earnings from the Gemz Airdrop on Telegram.